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    Medical industry opportunities Highlight , China broad marke

    Date:14-09-20 Author:admin viewed

    Dec.27th, 2011, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing issued "yellow book international situation," said the world situation today is still in the transition period, there has been transfer and diffusion of power in the process. The transfer of power from the traditional European powers to emerging powers, and spread to other parts of the power center. 
    Indeed, in the current European sovereign debt crisis clouds dispersed, growth prospects in developed economies are always unknown background, the global "power shift" of the situation are even more obvious. BRIC countries represented in the emerging strength weight in the world economy growing year by year in the territory, which is also the attention of large multinational companies in emerging industries in the year dispersed. This trend, in late 2011 RSNA evident. 
    Fuji Film, General Electric, Siemens, represented by industry companies, have in the current RSNA exhibit their latest research and development of medical products. Without exception, they all hope will be a major growth in the emerging market countries, rapid economic growth of China, but they can not be ignored strategic focus. 
    Chinese medical market prospects
    3D simulation of the patient organs and 3D imaging, such as medical image management system to the iPhone mobile terminal "connect" them convenient for doctors to remotely diagnose and provide 50 micron pixel size in high-quality diagnostic images ...... RSNA 2011, Fuji film shows dizzying variety of medical technology. 
    But in fact, in today's European and American market has become increasingly saturated, although many years ago contains significant opportunities to enter the health care industry, and other industries Fuji film companies are still struggling to find a new growth point. In recent years, with the rapid economic development, BRICS emerging market countries, represented by the surge in medical needs, from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and other parts, medical equipment and medical services have the potential demand. It is also at this RSNA, various Third World countries face frequent cause of the latest medical equipment appear in front of the booth.
    "In the national market in terms of units, in addition to Japan and the United States, China is our third largest market in the medical field." Fujifilm Medical Systems Corporation Division Minister Kawaguchi Cheng told reporters. 
    As we all know, the world's first Chinese stroke mortality, which has long been the lack of knowledge of the patient and the slow speed of a major hospital association, because stroke treatment depends gold three hours, within three hours to respond sooner if the words patients will increase the chances of thrombolysis. According to Fuji film (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Digital Medical Products Division long KaizeFu introduction, "connected" mobile terminal system above major change doctors workflow, "We went to the booth can see, the hospital will give every doctor an iPhone, such as Saturday, Sunday rest, when suddenly there are emergency patients in the ambulance, anesthetists, surgeons iPhone above, all of the patients signs or X-rays taken of all the information in the past can be reflected. "
    It should be said, the technique described above for stroke treatment is undoubtedly a great boon. In fact, today's China is vigorously promoting health care reform, major hospitals have huge medical equipment procurement needs, while also pushing the country to break the barriers to health care, which contains all kinds of opportunities, will have a significant impact on the health care industry. 
    Contains significant opportunities in emerging countries.
    Above "the international situation Beige Book" mentioned in the "transfer of power", the fundamental reason is that dramatic changes in the global economic map, which is mainly reflected in the rapid growth of slow growth in developed economies and emerging economies. And this trend, which is also in the past mainly rely on domestic and U.S. markets in Japan Fuji film attention aimed at the emerging economies, especially in its future pillar industries - medical industry relies on the BRIC countries. 
    Data show that as of the end of March 2011 fiscal year, the Fuji film Group's share of regional income was 46.7% in Japan, the Americas 16.6%, Europe 11.8%, 25.0% in Asia and other regions. Asia and other developing regions have replaced the European market, Fuji film has become second only to the Japanese mainland's second largest market.

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