NBA Scout: Carmelo Anthony Must ‘Be A Team Player’ In New York Knick’s Triangle Offense

Posted on Aug 26 2014 - 9:45am by Henry McKenna
A successful will require compliance from Carmelo Anthony

A successful offense will require compliance from Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony gets his shots — somewhere around 20 per game. He doesn’t have to do a whole lot to create them. He shoots when it feels right. He may continue to do that, but it won’t be within the framework of Phil Jackson’s triangle offense. Anthony will be expected to facilitate movement. He’ll need to get open off the ball, and when he’s got the ball, he needs to find others that are doing the same.

It’s not that Carmelo can’t do these things. It’s that historically, he hasn’t.

A NBA scout that has been following Anthony since he entered the league spoke to ESPN New York about how Anthony fits in the Knicks’ new offense:

“I think he’s skilled enough and I think he’s smart enough. I think he’ll fit very well….

“He’s got to bring the whole package [to make the triangle work]. He’s gotta be a team player, he’s got to cut harder and he’s got to move the ball. He’s going to have to do a lot of things that he isn’t known for doing…

“For them to have success, he’s going to have to be a willing passer. That offense is predicated on spacing and ball movement and he can’t hold the ball like he has on previous occasions. So he’s got to pass the ball.”

The trouble is letting go of ego. Anthony knows he can carry the team. He knows he’s the best player on the team. So, moving the ball probably seems like a roundabout way to do things that he could get done himself. But he’s shown that he can be patient and work with and without the ball with Team USA. He needs to find a way to have a similar respect for his Knicks teammates that he has for his Team USA teammates. It won’t be the same respect — because Team USA is comprised of the best players in the world — but it has to be similar if the Knicks want their most potent offensive weapon to play an essential role in their offense.

The triangle offense is about compromising ego and playing like a member of a team.

What exactly is the triangle offense? Check out this video.

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