Dana White Predicts Fireworks At UFC Dublin

Posted on Jul 18 2014 - 3:15pm by Ben Kiely


Dana White revealed today his excitement towards the UFC’s triumphant return to Irish shores. He admitted looking forward to a passionate Irish crowd which he feels is unrivaled in the sport.

“Pound for pound this is the loudest place I’ve ever been. There’s going to be 9,500 in here. It’s going to sound like there’s 90,000.”

“The Irish, man, they go crazy. They’re loud,” he added.

Obviously, considering the scale of this event, there is a lot of pressure on McGregor and Brandao to put on a good show on the night. White said he had no doubts that the duo will impress.

“It’s impossible for this not to be (a great fight). The way these two are fired up. Diego’s (Brandao) in great shape.This is an important fight for both guys. This is a really big test for Conor (McGregor).He’s been off for over a year and now he’s fighting Diego.”

“One thing everybody forgets is Diego went through some personal problems last year.I think this Conor McGregor fight woke him up. Conor’s been talking trash and he’s been talking trash back which has really set a fire under this kid’s ass.”

White predicts both fighters will go out and swing from the fences from the get go, and that their rivalry will only add to the intensity of the bout.

“I think there’s going to be no feeling out process. These two are just going to run right out and start dropping bombs on each other. Whoever can make it out of the first round and the second round without getting knocked out or whatever happens.

“They’re both going to have that crazy adrenaline and nervous energy and all the other things that’s going to go along with this massive main event in this place where it is the loudest place I’ve ever heard.”

Proceedings got a little heated at the official weigh ins in the O2 earlier. White confessed that he was blown away by the passion of both the fighters and the fans at the event.

“I’ve been doing weigh ins a long time. Big ones Vegas. Big ones everywhere. That was insane. That was the greatest weigh in I’ve ever been to.”

McGregor and Brandao almost got into a physical altercation after their staredown adn White divulged that he knew things might kick off. Before McGregor walked out for his weigh in, Brandao said something to White. The UFC president revealed what the Brazilian told him during the post-weigh in media scrum.

“He said ‘if that motherf***** comes near me, I’m going to headbutt him in the face’ i will take the headbutt in the face before I let that happen.I wasn’t going to let that happen.”

“They were talking smack behind the curtain. Those two are ready to go.”

You can watch Conor McGregor take on Diego Brandao in the main event at UFC Fight Night Dublin: McGregor vs Brandao  which will be broadcast on Setanta and 3e (part of the TV3 network) in the Republic of Ireland.

The prelims will be shown live exclusively on UFC Fight Pass. Fans can sign up to Fightpass.com to receive a free 7 day trial.


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