Matt Brown, The Comeback Kid

Posted on May 18 2014 - 1:32pm by Rodger Ryan
Matt Brown

Matt Brown has finished 6 of last 7 opponents in spectacular fashion. (Image courtesy of

Matt Brown is the name on everyone’s tongue for the past few weeks and rightly so. Brown`s career is possibly the greatest comeback story in MMA today. Before, he was flirting with obscurity, now he`s headlining cards and is possibly 1 fight away from the title.

The story of Matt Brown is up there with the best and gives hope to all fighters currently on a losing skid that anything is possible. Brown was sporting a record of 12-11 and had lost 4 out of his last 5 fights just about clinging onto to his UFC career, before his winning spree began.

The Ohio man has rattled off 7 straight wins, in possibly the UFC`s most competitive weight class. A combination of cardio, elite striking and a seemingly unconquerable will, has seen Brown emerge has a massive fan favourite and a tricky opponent for all the divisions elite.

Brown is using his gritty/furious style to overwhelm his opponents, which seems to be working just fine! Brown refers to himself as a “technical brawler”, and this could not be more accurate. Brown creates mayhem in the cage and capitalizing on mistakes in an unforgiving manner.

Browns career started with more highs and lows than a Hollywood rom-com. He entered the UFC with a 2nd round KO of Matt Aroyo before dropping a spilt decision to Dong Hyun Kim. He then went a 3 fight winning streak and just as he was gaining serious momentum he dropped 4 of his next 5, all by submission. In fact out of Browns 11 losses 9 have been submissions, an area he has clearly worked on and his submission defence and highly impressive.

The highs and lows of his careers are a perfect reflection of the fights he has won lately, he was wobbled against Jordan Mein and Erick Silva by body shots, before powering through and finishing both fighters.

At the 12-11 stage in Brown`s career he as close as someone can get before being cut and had it had been in 2014 when his bad run was occurring, there is little doubt Brown would have left the organisation, but the welterweight division at the time was weak, so lucky for us he stayed.

Matt needed something to restart his career and he found it in the shape of the Cuban National Wrestling and Boxing teams. Brown travels to Cuba before certain fights and prepares with some of the World’s finest. Since this Brown has not dropped a fight and has looked immense in all performances.

What’s next for Brown is the question, Matt will surely get a top contender in the form of Hector Lombard or the winner of Jake Ellenberger and Robbie Lawlor, either way both fights are intriguing and will garner huge attention. And even though their top names with outstanding skill sets who in the right mind will bet against Matt Brown! The guy is a wrecking machine and has shown that blows that would finish many only tend to anger him and generally lead to someone being finished.

Fans know that when the watch Matt Brown the fight WILL be exciting! It is gone to the stage where I believe that there is no such thing as a boring Matt Brown fight, and I like most MMA fans out there cannot wait to see “The Immortal” step back in the cage.

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