The Dallas Cowboys Are In For A Long Season

Posted on Apr 28 2014 - 9:54am by Johnny Feulner
Tony Romo (9) and the rest of the Dallas Cowboys are set to endure a terrible 2014 season - Mandatory Credit: Al Bello/Getty Images

Tony Romo (9) and the rest of the Dallas Cowboys are set to endure a terrible 2014 season – Mandatory Credit: Al Bello/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are just the epitome of failure.

And if ‘Boys fans thought the last few years have been heartbreaking, you’d better avoid watching this season.

With their quarterback coming off back surgery (Tony Romo), and a defense that’s now without their kingpin Demarcus Ware, how in the world does Dallas have any shot at trumping the NFC East?

The Cowboys come into each season with the highest of expectations, only to plummet and embrace consistent misery. Now that every NFC East team has upgraded significantly in their own way, and Dallas hasn’t, it makes this season all the more of a reach.

The Redskins added dynamic wideout Desean Jackson. The Eagles brought shifty tailback Darren Sproles aboard. And the Giants filled holes on both their defense and offense. All Dallas has done is add a defensive tackle who’s injury prone (Henry Melton), and lose players due to their bloated payroll.

Considering Dallas finished .500 again last season, with two of their divisional rivals enduring a fluke year, there’s nothing that suggests the Cowboys have a shot at making the playoffs, much less win a Super Bowl.

Their defense is relying on a guy who has yet to play a full season in the NFL (Sean Lee), and in the NFC East, if you can’t protect the middle of the field, you allow opposing explosive threats to capitalize on extra yardage. Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne are tremendous assets to their secondary, but what good are they if their linebackers can’t contain the line of scrimmage?

Dallas is going to depend on their offense – heavily. Dez Bryant, Demarco Murray, Terrence Williams, and Jason Witten are all dynamic contributors for their team. And if Romo can come back fully healthy, they’ll orchestrate as highly-effective as they always do. However, is what’s on paper deceiving?

Of course, the talent is obviously there for Dallas to compete within the NFC East, but do they have the stones to achieve what every other team’s trying to accomplish? No.

Problem is, Dallas doesn’t know how to win, and since ‘Boys owner Jerry Jones is so intent on keeping Romo their quarterback, Dallas isn’t winning anything.

Does any Cowboys’ fan really believe this team can make it to the promise land behind the quote-unquote leadership of Tony Romo? This is a guy who fumbled a snap to setup a pitch shot field goal to win their Wild Card matchup with the Seattle Seahawks. And that’s the story of Dallas in general, the inability to finish games.

Perfect example was their heavyweight back-and-forth battle at home against the Denver Broncos last season. With a score that reached up into the fifties, Romo threw an ugly interception on a drive that needed to see pay-dirt, and ultimately, Dallas fell to Denver 51-48.

Then there’s Dez Bryant, who the media fiends for.

Dishing out what appeared to be an unsightly meltdown towards a few of his teammates on the sidelines, including his head coach Jason Garrett, during their matchup with the Detroit Lions last season, Bryant’s mid-game antics became a hot item across the NFL. And although tape afterwards proved Bryant was only being motivational, he’s got to exercise caution, knowing the media is going to have a keen eye on him.

Distractions are detrimental to a team. Especially to the Cowboys, who hold some of the more higher profiled talents in the league. I understand they are “America’s team,” and perhaps they’re going to be scrutinized for their play more than anybody else, but they’ve been in this position for quite some time. You think by now they’d learn how to harness that criticism, and block out all the extra incentives.

Nonetheless, when Dallas does find themselves amidst a pot of despair this upcoming 2014 campaign, Jones will make major changes. So the anticipation for Garrett’s removal is nearly inevitable, and Romo’s job will also be in jeopardy. And who knows, Witten’s getting older, so he may be on his last legs.

The conclusion to the Dallas’ honeymoon is impending, and while I still remain adamant about their chances if they put it all together, they are far from clutch. And clutch teams garner Vince Lombardi trophies.

Prove me wrong, Dallas.