Will Brock Lesnar End The Undertaker’s Undefeated Streak at WrestleMania 30?

Posted on Mar 25 2014 - 7:55pm by Ben McPhee
Brock Lesnar's shocking return on Raw SuperShow generated a wide range of reactions from the Miami crowd. (Mandatory Credit: WWE.com)

Brock Lesnar’s shocking return on Raw SuperShow generated a wide range of reactions from the Miami crowd. (Mandatory Credit: WWE.com)

The Undertaker‘s undefeated streak at WrestleMania (21-0) is the most prestigious thing going in all wrestling. It’s the biggest accomplishment in all wrestling, and will more than likely never happen again.

Mark Calaway (The Undertaker) is the most seasoned performer in all wrestling, and is the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. He has done everything for the sport of wrestling and is the most respected wrestler in the locker room. He is looked up to by everyone and has earned all the respect he gets.

Calaway has been wrestling since 1984 (1990 debut in the WWE at Survivor Series) and is 48 years old. He has nothing left to prove. How could you not have The Streak at the 30th installment of Mania? The problem is, The “Deadman” is getting old.

Last year he put his streak on the line against CM Punk and was put to the test. After that, Calaway was scheduled to be in a match against The Shield at SummerSlam, but that never happened. Injuries kept him from being able to attend the event and work all year. The Taker has been through some grueling matches in his career and one has to wonder how much he still has left in the tank?

He has had multiple surgeries and was even rumored to have had cancer, hence the shaved head and weight loss. He has given so much to all of fans and his company. He has earned his future spot in the Hall-of-Fame and has nothing left to prove.

Either way, the streak will end at WM30. It will either end 21-1 or 22-0. Calaway is done in my opinion. The WWE didn’t even realize they had created the streak until the Taker was 5-0. They need to capitalize on the biggest achievement in all wrestling and they know it. The Taker has beaten a whose who of names from Ric Flair to Shawn Michaels (twice).

He has also been in all types of different matches, such as title matches, no DQ, handicap, casket and Hell in a Cell. The streak almost feels stale now a days. As much as we all wanted to see Triple H end it a couple years ago, or even CM Punk last year, we all knew better. This is the only year that we all expect him to lose and it could work. The Taker needs to retire and doesn’t look in good shape anymore. The WWE and the Taker need to let the streak rest in peace.

Lesnar and Mark Calaway have history, so they have ammo and fuel to pump this match up, as they have been doing. During a Calaway interview conducted by an internet show after UFC 121, Lesnar walked past him and starred him down. Calaway answered Lesnar’s stare by saying “You wanna do it?” It seems that Lesnar doesn’t respect the Taker’s character or Calway in real life. So why would the “Deadman” let his historic streak end to a guy who doesn’t respect him? We all know if the streak ever ends, it will be the Taker’s doing, not the WWE’s.

If fans really need to believe someone can end the career and the streak of The Undertaker, what a better man than Brock Lesnar right? The Taker has beaten some big guys at Mania, but no one as strong as Lesnar. After last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw, it seems they are trying to sell the fact that Brock is scared. And it looks like they are using the casket angle once again. This has been done before with guys like Kamala and Yokozuna.

Do we have another casket match in the works? He has only had one other casket match at Mania and that was against Mark Henry. Brock is just as big as Henry, but a lot more elusive. A big/fast guy in a casket match could make it more interesting. This would be a perfect way to permanently retire the Undertaker. Plus, it turns the match into a no DQ ( no disqualification) without drawing too much attention. His last 3 Mania matches, besides last year’s against Punk, have all had stipulations. What a better time to add another one to the mix.

A normal wrestling match with Brock will pay a toll on your body, just ask CM Punk, Triple H and others, which I’m sure he has. Setting up a casket match changes everything. It sets the illusion that Lesnar can be scared and has fears. No one likes coffins. It will then play down some of the physical bumps the Taker will have to endure. Like I said, it will make it no DQ, so there will be some chair shots, etc.

But Taker would have it no other way. Just because his body can’t take it anymore, doesn’t mean he still won’t dish it out for the fans. He comes back every Mania to steal the show, and this match will be no different. Spending the majority of the match trying to put your opponent in the casket, will keep the Taker more safe than other past matches via Hell in the Cell. The Undertaker needs to play it decently safe if he wants to return at next year’s Mania, which is still on the table.

Mark Calaway the person, is getting old. His body can’t take what it could before. He is 49 years old and has been wrestling since 1984. His 21-0 undefeated streak at WrestleMania is unprecedented. He is a future Hall-of-Famer and is probably the most respected wrestler in the world. He really has nothing else to prove. Losing to a beast like Lesnar doesn’t tarnish your undefeated Mania streak at all.

Lesnar is rumored to have returned to claim the WWe’s World championship.  Beating the Taker at Mania would be good bait to get Brock to sign full-time and would really push him into the title picture. If Brock is going to stick around, and “The Deadman” is going back into hiding, then why not let “The Beast Incarnate” be the one to end the streak? What a better push for Lesnar than being the guy who ended the Taker’s streak and/or career. If you’re going to try and put Lesnar in a title talk, you can’t really do it while losing to the Taker. Having the Undertaker win really does nothing for his legacy. His legacy is already complete.

The Taker and Lesnar will try and steal the show. Will the Taker’s age play a role in this match?

Is it time for the Taker to pass the torch that is the streak?

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  • leongiovanni

    I totally agree with you on this article however if you have anybody end the streak it has to be a guy who is committed to the wwe and that guy is not Brock lesnar.You mentioned if Brock does end the streak he would have to return fulltime to wwe and I can assure you that is a long shot and very unlikely to happen.Brock is very happy and comfortable working limited dates and making 5 million a year so no matter how much he is offered to return fulltime there is still not a chance for it to happen even if he was offered the streak although that is a big offer to turn down I think Brock could careless about ending the streak Brock is just a guy that wants to be comfortable and with his current contract that is likely not going to change so Brock lesnar ending the streak is out of the question.