Is Georges St Pierre’s Knee Injury Going to Be The End of His Career in the UFC?

Posted on Mar 29 2014 - 9:50am by Dwayne Wolff
Will his latest knee injury be the end to his career?

Will his latest knee injury be the end to his career? (photo courtesy of

With the tweet from Georges St-Pierre the speculation shifted from when would he return to is his career over.  Many people though he might be done after the Johny Hendricks fight.  Even though he is only 32 years old he has logged more minutes than any other fighter in the UFC.

The Hendricks fight was the third consecutive grueling fight after his first knee surgery for a torn ACL in his right knee.

Since he stepped away from the sport St-Pierre revealed that his OCD was the reason he needed some time off.  The stresses of fighting are magnified for the champions.  They have more outside forces insisting on their time than the other fighters in the UFC.

For St-Pierre it was multiplied even more.  He was one of the faces of the UFC and their biggest draw.  When you add his need to drive himself to be the best and his life was continual pressure.  In some ways the knee injury can help him comeback.

The injury will take the focus away from other areas and force him to turn it towards his rehab.  Coming back from an injury is mentally grueling but different than the stresses that were wearing on him.  It will also give his body and mind a rest from fighting.  The surgery and the rehab are all things that he has dealt with already.

It is still hard to say he is done or that he will fight again.  Everything seems to indicate that he is still planning on fighting.  That he wants to fight.  What is more difficult to predict is how the second knee surgery and recovery will go.

All you can do is hope that the decision to retire or fight again is his to make and is not made for him.

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