Six NFL Teams That Should Sign Tim Tebow Today

Posted on Oct 29 2013 - 10:34am by Dan Siegel


As we approach the trade deadline this afternoon you will hear a ton of big names around the NFL that teams may or may not be talking about dealing. The likely scenario is there will be one or two deals with players that you probably could care less about. However, one name that grabs everyone’s eye both in and out of football is Tim Tebow, and he’s still sitting on the couch waiting for the phone to ring. Now Tim Tebow will never be mistaken for a hall of fame quarterback and his tenure in New England last year probably soaked up whatever relevance he had left in the league. However, he’s still young and he’s done something that guys like Cam Newton, RGIII, and Andrew Luck have yet to do, win a playoff game. Hey, he’s got as many playoff wins as Tony Romo. So, while we sit at home on Sundays and watch these teams trot out guys who might not even deserve to be in the league I ask, why can’t Tim Tebow land a gig? Here’s a list of six teams that have no excuse to not sign Tim Tebow today.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars

This should have happened a year ago if not sooner but hey, when you’re not winning games and no one is coming to watch the team, its always a good time to try and correct some mistakes. The debate last year when Tebow was traded to the Patriots was whether he was given the choice of where to go. There was some reports that he turned down going to Jacksonville. Jacksonville at the time said they had no interest in him. Either way, its stupid. Whether its Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne, neither is working or is an option for the future of the franchise. Tebow can inject life in a time and fanbase that frankly has been dead for quite some time and he might even win you a game or two.

2. Cleveland Browns

Brian Hoyer looked decent in his couple of starts before he got hurt so maybe the Browns want to see what they have in him. But that’s next year and this is now, and what you have now is Brandon Weeden who was old when you drafted him and Jason Campbell who seems like he’s played for half the league. The Browns had some good will going when they followed up trading Trent Richardson with a three game win streak. But since then they’ve followed it up with a three game losing streak and look more like the team that traded away their running back and might trade away their only receiver too. Tebow is better than any quarterback currently on the roster, can compete with Hoyer next year and make the team competitive this year.

3. Minnesota Vikings

Whatever the Vikings pay Adrian Peterson, its not enough. This team made the playoffs last year behind AP’s historic season and quarterback Christian Ponder not making many mistakes. This year, the winning hasn’t shown up and Ponder got kicked to the curb. Matt Cassel was next in line and he played so well that the Vikings went and signed Josh Freeman after he got exiled from Tampa Bay. Now let me clear about this, Josh Freeman shouldn’t be behind center for any team in the NFL. If you you’re going to spin the NFL quarterback wheel of fortune and come up on bankrupt three times, then why not give Tebow a shot? Is it any worse than after trying two quarterbacks after him, going back to Ponder and saying hey kid, you’re up, go get em.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs may be the only team in the NFL that could possibly argue they need more goodwill than the Jaguars. First they’ve had to deal with their locker room being disease infested and infecting some of their players. Then they realized Josh Freeman had tricked them into believing he was a good quarterback and got rid of him. Their running back Doug Martin hurt his shoulder and might be done for the year and they just recently put arguably their best receiver Mike Williams on season ending IR. Oh yeah, did I mention the entire fanbase wants to see head coach Greg Schiano hung in a public forum? So, Mike Glennon is the guy behind center now and he hasn’t been awful. But he also hasn’t been winning any games and you’re not going to see any Mike Glennon fan clubs popping up. Tebow can bring some goodwill toward a fanbase that has enough pitchforks in hand to go hunt down Frankenstein. Plus, who knows, maybe they’ll win a game or two.

5. St. Louis Rams

Sam Bradford is their big money, future quarterback. Problem is, his ACL injury has him out for the remainder of the season. That leaves Kellen Clemens, who started last night’s Monday night game against Seattle and Brady Quinn as the remaining quarterbacks. Clemens is ok, he moved the ball decently against Seattle, but he multiple chances to get in the endzone and couldn’t. For a team that has no great running back or wide receiver, they’re competitive. They were winning with Bradford and now come back down to a team that can give you a tough game but can’t get over the hump. Tebow can get them over the hump and make this season more than just competitive.

6. Philadelphia Eagles

Anyone who watched the Eagles-Giants game on Sunday knows why Tebow should be an option in Philadelphia. When Michael Vick first went down with the hamstring, Chip Kelly turned to Nick Foles who was basically option 1A anyway. Foles starts a couple of games and then gets a concussion leaving rookie Matt Barkley as the only healthy quarterback remaining. Instead of starting Barkley, Kelly rushed Vick back to start against the Giants only for him to re-injure himself. Now with Barkley forced into action, you saw Kelly basically kill half his playbook. You may say its because Barkley doesn’t have a grasp on the playbook but you don’t need a grasp to know to fake a handoff and run with the football. Kelly has no confidence in Barkley to run his offense and if that’s the case then he shouldn’t be on the field. Tebow can run the option in his sleep, and a faced pace, short pass system would maximize Tebow’s attributes.

So there it is, six teams that have no excuse to not call Tim Tebow and try and sign him. While there are other options out there on the street such as Vince Young or even JaMarcus Russell, for these teams its about injecting life into their fanbases or adding a certain skill set to what’s already in place, and for that the answer is to free Tim Tebow.