How Notre Dame’s Move To the ACC Might Affect Their Lacrosse Program

Posted on Sep 24 2012 - 3:54am by Jim Flannery

A move to the ACC for Notre Dame means more games against Duke (Photo: Matt Cashore)

News from the Atlantic Coast Conference last week that Notre Dame was moving into their division in all sports except football set the college sports world abuzz.

Joining a division with numerous perennial contenders will stabilize the ND schedule and also provide them with some fresh challenges in terms of their competition.

This applies to the Fighting Irish lacrosse program as well.

The Irish made it to the semi-final round of the NCAA finals tournament in the 2012 season and are consistently one of the top lacrosse programs in the United States. However, they are entering a conference with several of the best teams in the sport.

Last year, the NCAA Division I Championship bracket was chock full of ACC teams. In fact, all four ACC squads made the final 16 tournament.

Notre Dame was ranked as the four seed in the tournament and had to get through ACC competition in the second round, besting the Virginia Cavaliers 12-10.

Notre Dame’s only other game last year against ACC competition was their season opener in which they convincingly beat the Duke Blue Devils 7-3.

Ultimately, this means the move to the ACC should be a positive one for the Fighting Irish. They have shown themselves very capable of taking on top level talent.

Playing a schedule which forces them to take on the best on a weekly basis should keep them tuned up and ready to take the next step to a national championship.


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