UFC 148 Preview: Will Anderson Silva’s Anger Help or Hinder Him Saturday Night?

Posted on Jul 5 2012 - 4:53pm by Matt Juul

Anderson Silva is sick of the trash-talking.

For over two years, the reigning UFC middleweight champ has endured the constant verbal bashing given out by challenger Chael Sonnen, and for the most part, has brushed off the comments.  But with the tension building leading into their long-awaited rematch at this Saturday’s UFC 148, Silva has finally taken the gloves off.

In a recent media conference call, Silva went on an all-out tirade, unleashing years of anger and utter hate for his opponent.  The pound-for-pound king even went so far as to claim that he will break every tooth and bone in Sonnen’s body when they enter the Octagon this weekend.

Silva further emphasized his point by getting in Sonnen’s face at this past week’s press conference, forcing UFC President Dana White to physically step in to separate the two rivals.

These uncharacteristic violent outbursts by Silva is a clear indication that his emotions are fueling his motivation for this fight.  And who can blame him?  After listening to another grown man claim that he will pat your wife on her behind while she makes him a steak would infuriate any man.

Add in two years worth of egregious comments made against Silva’s family, friends and country and it’s no wonder why the middleweight king is more than a little ticked off.

But as a fighter, allowing emotions to cloud your judgement is usually a bad idea.  Going into a bout with a chip on your shoulder compromises a fighter’s logical side, throwing gameplans out the window and placing them in unnecessarily precarious positions.

Many analysts have stated that if Silva lets his anger get the best of him, it will cost the champ his title.

For most fighters, I would agree with that assessment.  But there is a reason why Silva has held onto the belt for so long.

With a guy like Anderson Silva, anger may just be the key to unleashing the most spectacular “Spider” we’ve ever seen.

Arguably the greatest fighter of all-time, Silva is an elite martial artist that wouldn’t be foolish enough to let a chance like this slip through his fingers.  This fight is set to break pay-per-view buy records and may go down as the biggest fight in UFC history.  With so much spotlight on Silva, there’s no way he’d let a chance to cement his legacy get away.

But that doesn’t mean he can’t have fun doing it.

Silva’s hate for Sonnen isn’t going to cost him, but it will bring out a side of “the Spider” we’ve never seen before.  When Silva says he’ll change the game, I can’t help but think he will.

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