Posted on Feb 21 2012 - 1:25am by Brock Kennedy

Diablo III is the most anticipated tittle of 2012 in the fantasy genre, but switching gear to the science fiction fan base we see Mass Effect 3 will be the biggest title of 2012. Bioware and Electronic Arts have teamed up again to bring us the final installment of the Mass Effect trilogy. Commander Sheppard, along with all the classic characters from Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 will be along for the ride.


Also Bioware will be introducing a new character, James Vega, and a new angle of character development. Your Mass Effect 3 party will be smaller than the previous version to make for more detailed and in-depth character development.


Mass Effect 3 will take advantage of those who operate their 360 console with a Kinect. You can make dialogue choices by speaking the words you want your character to say aloud. As well you can verbally issue commands to your party members while in combat. This is a really exciting feature and will add a new dynamic to the RPG.


This title’s release date was pushed back from a Christmas release and is set to hit retail shelves March 6th 2012.

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